Member Benefits

What we do (Member Benefits)

Northants CALC has over 75 years experience in giving advice and guidance to its member parishes. It is constituted to support local councils and parish meetings in the delivery of services to their communities.

    • Advice and information including: Legal advice service; Employment advice service; Advice on council administration; Policy consultation and advice; National Circulars and Information Bulletins; Bi-monthly Update newsletter
    • Telephone helpline
    • Member Enquiry Service (MES) an e mail service providing member parish and town councils with timely support, guidance and basic advice. Contact the MES on
  • Opportunity to participate in organised meetings, free legal, administrative and employment advice.
  • Training - The Association runs an extensive programme of training courses to equip clerks and councillors.
  • National affiliation - Northants CALC is affiliated to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) which seeks to represent local councils at national level as well as providing advice on legal and procedural matters, national publications and regular information bulletins.
  • Local Council Award Scheme - Northants CALC supports councils seeking accreditation for the Local Council Award Scheme.

All queries from member councils should be placed by e-mail, telephone or post, and this should be done through the Chair/Vice-Chair or Clerk.

  • Member Services and Benefits (2024)

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