Councillor Forms and Documents

Councillor Forms and Documents

This page is designed to help Clerks and Councils prepare the legal and pertinent documents required for their Councillors.

New Councillor forms

In this section you will find all the legal, and some helpful, forms that are needed for your new Councillors

Register of Member's Interests

North Northamptonshire Council electronic form.
West Northamptonshire Council: 

New Councillor important documents

Your new Councillor will need the following Council documents as a minimum

  • Standing orders
  • Financial regs
  • Code of conduct

Co-option Expression of Interest Form 2024

Click on this icon to download the form: 

Code of Conduct

Councillor Development Framework

When you become a new Councillor it's not always clear what training you need to attend so we've brought together all the advice around training for Councillors and developed a framework of training. 

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Councillor Resignation