Officer Development Framework


Once you’ve completed Essential and Skilled, we recommend that you move onto the courses below. These are scheduled throughout the year and can be attended in no particular order.

Whilst this is the final stage of the Officer Development Framework this is not the end of your learning journey.

Download the  Officer Development Framework Workbook  to keep track of your progress.  When you've completed a stage, email a copy to  to claim your certificate. 

Standing Orders & Financial Regulations

Let’s revisit reading your Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. Most should now make sense and you may be able to refer to sections that you need without needing to look them up. 

Each course is designed to take approximately 35-50 minutes to complete with a quiz at the end to test your knowledge. There is a pass rate of 80% required to achieve your certificate.

Management of Memorials – Inspection Workshop 

This practical course covers what’s required when testing memorials to ensure they remain safe. 

Planning for Elections (2025) 

This workshop is designed to prepare clerks and councillors for the election process, explain the rules and answer questions about the election process.