What is it?

When you become a new Councillor it's not always clear what training you need to attend so we've brought together all the advice around training for Councillors and developed a framework of training. There are four key stages –

What do I need to do?

Attend the training courses, complete reading and/or e-learning for each stage then complete the relevant form so we can send your certificate when you've completed each stage. You don't even need to complete them in order or by each stage.

How long does it take?

We've included a suggested timeframe for each stage but you can complete the stages in a timeframe to suit you and your Council, if you want to go faster or slower than we've suggested that's great.

We recognise that no two Councils or Councillors are the same so we haven't put in a firm timeframe for each stage. It will depend on; when you join the Council, what training budget the Council has as well as your availability and the training dates.

What do I get?

You will receive a certificate for each stage you reach.

I've attended these courses previously, will I need to attend them again to qualify?

Absolutely not, although it wouldn't hurt to refresh your training if it was a number of years ago; trainers change so the delivery of the training aspect changes. If you've already attended these courses and would like to claim your status, drop an email to training@northantscalc.com and we will send you your certificate.

Download the Councillor Development Framework Workbook to keep track of your progress. When you've completed a stage, email a copy to training@northantscalc.com to claim your certificate.