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    Welcome to Northamptonshire!

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    Your County Association of Local Councils

  • Empowering councils to help make towns and villages better places to live

    Empowering councils to help make towns and villages better places to live

The Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils is a not for profit membership organisation, representing, training and advising the parish and town councils of Northamptonshire, who are the grass roots of local government.

We provide member councils with vital operational information and facilitate communication at all levels of the parish council network - district, county, regional and national.

As a membership association we are unable to deal with queries from the public, but we are happy to make general information available through this website.

Latest News

The Movement for Unmet Need

Posted: Mon, 06 Jul 2020 14:44 by Danny Moody

Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire are concerned about those under the shielded list. We need your support, to spread the word and help us to identify where the Unmet Need might be and how we can assist in meeting individual vulnerability across Northampton.

As lockdown restrictions ease, people start to return to work and adapt to the new normal we want individuals and groups to know we are a safe pair hands to offer support to those beyond the shielded. More »

If individuals living in Northampton feel they need further help and support including having someone to talk to or collect shopping and prescriptions please contact Voluntary Impact on 01604 637522 or email

If communities in Northampton are coming across Unmet Need which as an organisation you cannot deal with or recognise gaps in provision or simply wish to refer individuals on then please do so at telephone 01604 637522.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a light on vulnerability in a way previously never seen. The truth is though that vulnerability has always been there, and has been there for some time. C19 has just brought this into a sharper focus.

As a volunteer bureau we can match volunteers to Unmet Need and supply volunteers if your organisations require more. We call it the Movement for Unmet Need. » Less

Ride rolls on regardless!

Ride rolls on regardless!

Posted: Wed, 01 Jul 2020 16:14 by Danny Moody

Ride rolls on regardless!

It may have finished off the FA Cup final, seen Wimbledon whitewashed and even overcome the Olympics, but the team behind the county's favourite annual fundraising bike ride are adamant that COVID-19 won't have them running for cover!

Which is why, with some creative logistical tricks up their lycra sleeves, should they be needed, plans are still in place for Cycle4Cynthia - the biggest fundraiser in the calendar for Northamptonshire's Cynthia Spencer Hospice – to take place on Sunday, 20th September. More »

The event, which has brought in more than £600k over the last 16 years, is a highly anticipated fixture in the diary of the hundreds of cyclists of all ages and abilities who take part each year, for whom it is a wonderful way of saying 'thank you' for the remarkable Hospice care given to their loved ones, and that's why fundraising manager, John Helm, is offering some welcome words to those already keen to enter: "We're keeping everything crossed that social distancing rules may have relaxed come the big day and, if so, we will do everything possible to ensure that riders can take part safely and are able to enjoy another fabulous day, even if we will have to throw a medal at them rather than hang it round their neck at the finishing line as we usually do!" said John.

"However, if mass gatherings are not allowed, or if cyclists would simply prefer not to assemble with others for health reasons, we are also planning a parallel virtual event, encouraging cyclists to pay their entry fee and raise sponsorship if they can and then pedal from their front door instead, which means that the spirit of the ride can still be felt right across the county!" he added.

With the cancellation of many of its fundraising activities during lockdown taking its toll on the Hospice's financial reserves, any monies raised will be all the more vital and it is why, in whatever way it goes ahead, Cycle4Cynthia will yet again enjoy the support of Kettering's C&D Cycles.

The bike shop's own cycling club has entered a team into the event for a number of years and club secretary, Andy Ferguson, says that now, more than ever, is the time for those with two wheels to demonstrate their support for such an amazing cause: "We're all really hoping that we'll be able to gather at Lamport in September to yet again experience the wonderful camaraderie of the day, but of course it's important to remember that it's really a day for offering thanks to the hospice and the team for the amazing care they provide for their patients and families, so if we have to do that from our own doorsteps to stay safe, so be it" explained Andy.

"I'd therefore urge anyone with a bike to sign up regardless because, whether together or apart, I can guarantee that the warm feeling they'll get at the end of their ride, knowing they've done their bit when it was most needed, will seem even more special this year!" he enthused.

Cycle4Cynthia 2020, which is again being sponsored by leading commercial law firm EMW, will take place on Sunday 20th September at Lamport Hall, subject to the latest social distancing rules.

Proceeds from the ride, which this year will offer its 25 and 50 mile routes only, will help to fund not only the Hospice's specialist end-of-life palliative care for its patients and vital support for their families, but also its Wellbeing service, which aims to help those with a life-limiting illness to live their life as fully as they can by helping to maintain their physical function and independence for as long as possible.

Entry is £15 for adults, £7.50 for children and £35 for families and riders are politely advised that, in the event of the centralised event at Lamport being cancelled, entry fees will not be returned and considered a generous donation to the Hospice.

To enter online, or for more about the history of the event, please visit while you can keep up to date with latest developments, based on government guidelines, by liking the ride's and Hospice's pages on Facebook.

Meanwhile for further information, including details of the various ways in which you can support the Hospice during these challenging times, please call the fundraising team on 01604 973340 or email » Less

Email Scam Doing The Rounds

Email Scam Doing The Rounds

Posted: Wed, 03 Jun 2020 11:15 by Danny Moody

Several councils have reported that they have received scam emails and, unfortunately, one council has written to say that one of their councillors has lost £400 as a result.

The scam works by grabbing your attention with a quick message that says "Are you free?". If you respond there's another message that says something like "I'm busy at the moment and need you're help, would that be OK?". The scammer is attempting to build up trust without revealing the scam at this stage. If you respond again, this time the scammer sends something like "I need you to purchase some iTunes vouchers for me. Please get them and then take photos of the backs of the vouchers and send me the photos". If you do that the scammers have the information they need to spend the money on the vouchers. You will probably also get another email asking you to buy more vouchers (it worked the first time, they might as well keep trying!). More »

The best bet is to not respond to any messages like this. The good news though is that even if you respond to the first "Are you free?" message your security has not been compromised at that point. The scammers are using publicly available email addresses "scraped" automatically from web sites. They have not got access to your email account or the email account of the person you thought the messages were from. So just delete the messages and make a point to be on guard for similar things arriving.

It is incredible that anyone would actually go out and buy vouchers having received an email of this nature, but data shows that the over 70s are more likely to be duped, and in the current extraordinary circumstances perhaps people are more willing to believe extraordinary things. It's even possible that your council has had a recent conversation about what to do to recognise the brilliant volunteers in the community, so the unsuspecting think it's perhaps something to do with that. I'm trying to rationalise how anyone would be tricked in this way. The reality is that 99.9% of people won't be, but the scammers work on the basis of sending out 1,000 emails out and then that 0.1% (1 person) will be tricked.

The emails have been coming from variants of "", so look out for that specifically, but also be generally careful. If it looks unusual, always check first. In any case, councillors and clerks should NEVER be spending their own money on behalf of another councillor. » Less