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Advancing Digital Expertise in Local Councils with Northants ALC and CloudyIT

Northants CALC is excited to team up with CloudyIT, a leader in digital technology solutions to empower our members in the Digital Age. This venture focuses on providing comprehensive digital skills training to members of Town and Parish Councils in Northamptonshire, equipping them to navigate the complexities of the modern digital landscape. 

There are three elements to this training we are offering: 

  • 365 Fundamentals - three two hour sessions looking at the basics of 365, apps essential to use and how AI can help improve council efficiency. 

  • Deep Dive Sessions - Four 45 minute sessions specifically covering: Forms, One Note, Planner and Bookings

  • E-Learning Hub - short videos covering how to use features within each 365 app

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365 Fundamentals

 Designed to lay a solid foundation in digital literacy, these two-hour sessions focus on Microsoft 365 and include: 

Mastering the Basics

An introduction to the essential functionalities of Microsoft 365. 

Exploring the Essential Apps

A deep dive into the critical applications of Microsoft 365, tailored for daily operational efficiency. 


Dive into the core features and functionalities of Teams, gaining practical knowledge to enhance collaboration and productivity.

AI Excellence 

Insights into the advanced AI features within Microsoft 365, aimed at boosting productivity and creative problem-solving. 

Deep Dive Sessions

These intensive 45 minute sessions provide in-depth knowledge of specific Microsoft applications, perfect for enhancing specific digital skills.


Techniques for creating effective forms and surveys. 

One Note

Skills in advanced               note-taking and data organisation.


Strategies for project management and  collaborative work.


Learning the essentials of efficient scheduling and booking.


Gaining the knowledge and tools to maximise productivity and collaboration.

Bonus: One Month Free Access to Cloudy's E-Learning Hub 

All training session attendees will receive one month of free access to Cloudy's e-learning and compliance hub. This online resource is packed with concise, informative videos on Microsoft 365, alongside a variety of other resources focused on health and wellbeing. 

Take advantage of this unique chance to boost your digital know-how!  

Fundamentals - £35 per person per course each
Deep Dive - £25 per person per course

For more information or to book places visit 
Please note: the above link will take you to CloudyIT's website where you can view more information and book your places. 


CloudyIT are offering Northants CALC members free access to their e-learning platform for one year. This platform hosts a variety of short videos on how to use various features within each of the Microsoft 365 apps such as conditional formatting in Excel, mail merges in Word, adding animations to Powerpoint and many more.  

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