Civility and Respect Part 2

Course Description 

This webinar dives into human psychology, neuroscience and power dynamics. What triggers people to behave from the worst of themselves? How, as leaders can we create environments with fewer trigger situations and more safety? Real-life situations and how to turn them around when they start to get out of hand will be discussed.

Both psychopathic and narcissistic people generally lack empathy and tend to have unrealistically high opinions of themselves. They often exploit and manipulate others and can be hard to spot as they can also be superficially charming. They are also attracted to power roles and are often found in high leadership positions such as company chief executives and political roles.

In this webinar, we learn how to spot them and also how to monitor your own behaviour to lessen their impact on you and your organisation. Each webinar will give real situation scenarios and what to do in each of them.

This is an interactive course and offers the opportunity to network with Clerks and Councillors from Councils across Northamptonshire to share best practice and ideas.Write one or two paragraphs describing your product or services. To be successful your content needs to be useful to your readers.

Who Should Attend
Clerks and Councillors are welcome to attend

Course tutor

Becky Walsh


Becky Walsh is a comedian bringing her humour to subjects of personal development, mental health and is a UK leading expert on intuition. Becky is a sought-after speaker and has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and is a qualified life coach. She has worked with the Civility and Respect Project to develop courses specifically for Town and Parish Councils.

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