Memorandum of Understanding
Whole Council Development


1. Purpose

This MOU establishes a collaborative effort between Northants CALC and the Local Council to design and deliver customised training programmes exclusively for the Local Council's councillors and staff.

2. Needs Assessment and Curriculum Development

  • The Local Council, may conduct a comprehensive needs assessment. This may involve:

    • Interviews and surveys with councillors and staff.

    • Analysis of council documents and current challenges.

    • Consideration of legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Based on the assessment findings, Northants CALC will develop a bespoke curriculum, addressing:

    • Specific knowledge gaps and skill sets needed by the Local Council.

    • Relevant topics tailored to the parish's unique context and priorities.

3. Training Methodology and Delivery

  • The training programmes will be designed to cater to various learning styles and preferences, utilising:

    • Interactive workshops and seminars with practical exercises.

    • Relevant case studies and simulations applicable to the parish.

    • E-learning modules and online resources for flexible access.

  • The training will be delivered at:

    • Local Council's premises: For optimal convenience and familiarity.

    • Online via Zoom

4. Expectations of Both Parties

4.1. Venue (in person training):

  • Local Council:

    • Ensure the designated training space is clean, tidy, and well-equipped with necessary technology, materials and free from distraction or disruption from other users of the building such as loud music or fitness classes.

    • Provide adequate refreshments and comfortable seating for participants.

  • Northants CALC:

    • Inform the Local Council of any specific venue requirements for equipment or resources.

    • Adapt training materials and delivery methods to suit the provided space.

4.2. Prompt Arrival and Participation (in person and online training):

  • Local Council:

    • Encourage and promote full attendance among nominated participants.

    • Ensure participants arrive on time for each training session.

    • Encourage active engagement and participation during the training.

  • Northants CALC:

    • Begin and end training sessions promptly as per the agreed schedule.

    • Maintain a professional and respectful environment throughout the programme.

    • Be readily available to address any questions or concerns from participants.

4.3. Respectful Behaviour:

  • Both Parties:

    • Uphold principles of mutual respect and courtesy towards all participants and trainers.

    • Maintain professional conduct and avoid disruptive or offensive behaviour.

    • Foster an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for everyone.

4.4 Addressing Non-compliance with Respectful Behaviour Expectations

While establishing clear expectations around respectful behaviour is crucial, it's also important to outline what should happen if these expectations are not met.

Addressing Initial Issues:

  • Informal Reminder: The trainer or a designated point of contact from Northants CALC can discreetly approach the individual exhibiting offensive or disruptive behaviour and privately remind them of the expectations outlined in the MOU.

4.5 Escalation and Consequences:

  • Formal Warning: If the behaviour remains disruptive despite initial attempts at resolution, a formal warning can be issued by Northants CALC to the individual or the Parish Council leadership.

  • Suspension or Removal: For repeated or severe breaches of the MOU's respectful behaviour expectations, Northants CALC reserves the right to suspend or remove the individual(s) from the training programme or suspend the training course. 

5. Funding and Costs

  • The Local Council will bear the primary responsibility for covering the training costs.

  • Northants CALC may offer customized package discounts or explore alternative funding options in specific cases.

  • Both parties will agree on the final cost structure before programme commencement.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

  • The Northants CALC will conduct regular assessments of the training programme's effectiveness through:

    • Participant feedback surveys and questionnaires.

7. Agreement and Termination

  • By virtue of booking training with Northants CALC the Local Council agrees to this MOU.

  • This MOU may be terminated by either party where any of the expectations outlined above are not met.