Personal resilience for councils and councillors

This module is designed to provide Clerks, Council Officers and Councillors with an introduction to emotional intelligence and personal resilience, which is sometimes abbreviated to EI&R.

Emotional intelligence and personal resilience combined can help us manage difficult and stressful situations, many of which we may face in our roles in our different local councils.

In this module we are going to explore what we mean by emotional intelligence and how to strengthen it in ourselves. We're going to to explore what we mean by personal resilience and we will consider what personal strategies and actions we can put in place to continually top up our resilience over time.

We will also share with you external resources, ideas and suggestions for developing your understanding further and to support you in your role.

When you finish the course, you will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of some of the key points by completing a short assessment.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Explain what we mean by emotional intelligence and resilience (EI&R) and better understand where our behaviours stem from
  • Explore what EI&R means in terms of our own roles within local councils
  • Consider different responses to a range of scenarios
  • Introduce strategies to manage and respond effectively to stressful encounters at our local councils
  • Develop a personal action plan for increasing skills in this area

E-learning is not intended to replace our virtual/physical classroom training.

All council employees and councillors are welcome to access the e-learning.


  • The email address of the delegate must be unique to the delegate; it cannot be shared or the clerk's email address.
  • Log in details MUST NOT be shared; anyone found abusing this rule will be removed from the e-learning platform permanently.

Cost (per delegate)
£25 +VAT Members
£50+VAT Non Members

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