Transitioning Parish Councils to a Domain

Transitioning Parish Councils to a Domain
11 July 2024 10:00-11:00 Online

This free briefing session will cover the essentials for parish councils transitioning to a domain. Attendees will receive information on the process, the support available, and the practical steps involved in making the change.


  • Official Recognition: A domain signifies your status as a recognised government entity

  • Support Services: Information on the support services available to assist with the domain transition.

  • Professional Presence: A domain can enhance the professional presence of your council online.

  • Accessibility: Improvements to the accessibility of your services for the community.


  • Introduction: The importance of a domain and how to obtain one.

  • The Transition Process: Steps for registering and adopting your new domain.

  • Financial Information: Details on financial assistance for the domain cost.

  • Security Features: The security benefits of a domain.

  • Questions and Answers: A session to address any questions regarding the transition.

Intended Audience: Council clerks

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