Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas
26 June 2024 10:00-12:00 Online

Course Description

Conservation Areas can be created where a local planning authority identifies an area of special architectural or historic interest, which deserves careful management to protect that character. A listed building is a structure of particular architectural and/or historic interest deserving of special protection. There are various conservation areas in Northamptonshire and many listed buildings both of which require special attention when considering planning applications. This course will explain what a conservation area and listed building is and how they affect planning applications.

This is an interactive course and offers the opportunity to network with Clerks and Councillors from Councils across Northamptonshire to share best practice and ideas. 

Key areas covered in this course include

What is a listed building and how it is designated

What is a conservation area and how it is designated

How to find conservation areas and listed buildings

What the relevant planning policies, law and regulations are

The role of residents, property owners and the local authority in conservation

What requires planning permission

How to consider a planning application for a listed building/in a conservation area

Trees in a conservation area

What is a Heritage Statement and when it’s needed

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