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Northamptonshire County
Association of Local Councils

Empowering Parish and Town Councils

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CEO: Danny Moody
6 Litchborough Business Park
Northampton Road
Litchborough, Northampton
NN12 8JB

Tel: 01327 831482

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    Welcome to Northamptonshire!

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    Your County Association of Local Councils

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    Empowering councils to help make towns and villages better places to live

Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils is a not for profit membership organisation, representing, training and advising the parish and town councils of Northamptonshire, who form the grass roots tier of local government in England.

We offer members a resource of vital, operational information and facilitate communication at all levels of the parish network - district, county, regional and national.

As a membership association we are unable to deal with queries from the public, but we are happy to make general information available through this website.

Latest News

New Year Message From NALC Chairman

Mon, 15 Jan 2018 14:09 by Danny Moody

The chairman of the National Association of Local Councils, Cllr Sue Baxter has written a New Year open letter to wish all councils a very happy new year and a healthy, prosperous and successful 2018, flagging up three areas the sector must focus on over the coming 12 months to ensure the sector is even stronger at the end of this year, including ensuring all councils are fiscally responsible and engaging with local people, well run and transparent, and building positive relationships and promoting what you do. Sue has also taken the opportunity to highlight the NALC prospectus, the date of next year's NALC annual conference and the benefits of NALC membership. More »

What Does 2018 Have In Store?

What Does 2018 Have In Store?

Tue, 02 Jan 2018 09:28 by Danny Moody

Happy New Year to all the hard-working parish and town councillors and clerks in Northamptonshire and beyond!

It has been a feature of the parish sector for the past decade or more that it gets busier and busier with each passing year, and there is no sign that 2018 will buck the trend! It makes it an exciting sector to be in but also a challenging one.

One of the things we know is going to happen in 2018 is the conclusion of the Parliamentary Boundary Review (https://boundarycommissionforengland.independent.gov.uk/after-the-revised-proposals-what-happens-now/), with recommendations going before parliament in September. More »

It's hard to be certain about anything else. As local government budgets bite tighter and tighter there surely has to be a conversation about Local Government Reorganisation in Northamptonshire. Not that it is a panacea, but surely there needs to be more joined up thinking and more acceptance to take shared responsibility for the structural issues. That can only happen by talking.

For parish and town councils specifically, GDPR will be the big talking point of 2018. I am confident that the sector will take it in its stride and that pragmatic and realistic solutions will be developed that enable every parish and town council to apply good information governance, commensurate with the (small)size of organisation and (low risk) data they hold.

Who knows where we will be this time next year. But it is sure to be an interesting journey and Northants CALC is at hand to be your tour guide! » Less

Pay Deal To Be Discussed Today

Wed, 13 Dec 2017 12:12 by Danny Moody

A national pay offer for local government employees has been announced. The National Employers organisation has made a "final" pay offer to the NJC local government unions which will be considered at a meeting on 13 December 2017 as part of the national negotiations.

The headline figure is a 2% increase for 2018/19 and another 2% for 2019/20. However, this particular pay offer is more complex than usual because it proposes a greater increase to Spinal Column Points 6 – 19 in 2018/19 and a complete revamp of the scales in 2019/20. More »

For 2018/19 the pay offer is:

  • SCP 15, £900 (equivalent to 5.272%)
  • SCP 16, £900 (equivalent to 5.167%)
  • SCP 17, £900 (equivalent to 5.064%)
  • SCP 18, £800 (equivalent to 4.427%)
  • SCP 19, £700 (equivalent to 3.734%)
  • SCPs 20 and above, 2.0%

The figures for SCP 15 - 19 are for full time workers (37 hours per week) and should be prorated for part time employees.

If agreed, the new scales would apply from 1 April 2018, so need to be taken into account for 2018/19 budgeting. » Less