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Does your council own and/or manage a children's play area? If yes, can you produce documentary evidence the last two years' worth of weekly inspections? Has the play area even been inspected on a weekly or fortnightly basis and the inspection reports filed with the clerk? Is the person doing the inspection adequately briefed on what to look for, and what to do if they find anything amiss? How would the council react if the clerk received a phone call out of the blue that a child had lacerated their leg on a piece of council play equipment? What procedures and policies would swing in to place? Who would act? What would they do? When was the last time any trees in or near the play area were inspected? Is the safety surfacing in the play area compliant with current safety standards – and how do you know? If you are reading this and answering each question fully in your head as you read then very well done! If on the other hand you are now shifting nervously in your seat then don't panic, we have just the course for you. Our Playground Management and Inspection Course is specifically designed for those who have responsibility for children's playgrounds (very often the buck stops with the Clerk) and covers not only the routine inspection of children's playground equipment, playground surfacing, fencing, gates and seating, but also the management of a children's playground including legislation, insurance, risk management and documentation. The training event starts with an introduction to playground management, duties and responsibilities and follows with a "Walk and Talk" of a nearby playground looking at various aspects of playground inspections and maintenance issues. The course is suitable for all Clerks, or for councillors on committees to whom responsibility for play area management has been devolved. Places are limited so please book by Friday 13 June 2014 to avoid disappointment!

Who should attend

The course is suitable for Clerks, Councillors and those staff with a responsibility for playground maintenance.

Date & Time

Wednesday 16 July 2014

6.30pm to 9.00pm


Northants CALC Offices, Litchborough, NN12 8JB

Course Tutor

Roger Davis, RoSPA Playsafety Inspector and Trainer


£39 per delegate

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