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Personal Safety

Have you ever made a journey and not quite realised how you got to your destination? Many of us navigate daily life on 'autopilot', oblivious to our surroundings, and with little attention to our personal safety.

While we live in a relatively 'safe region' of the world, a recent crime survey recorded 11.5 million offences in just one year in England and Wales alone.

One of the biggest threats to personal safety is assuming 'it'll never happen to me' - but just because you haven't been affected by crime yet, doesn't mean you won't ever be.

This course includes a range of learning activities to help you increase your awareness of personal safety issues.

When you've finished, you'll be asked to demonstrate your understanding by completing a short assessment.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of confidence and preparation in staying safe
  • Understand how reducing 'opportunity' for criminals increases safety
  • Avoid situations and environments that may place you at greater risk
  • Practice safe behaviours at work, home, in public, and while travelling
  • Know what to do if you feel unsafe or become a victim of crime

E-learning is not intended to replace our virtual/physical classroom training.

£14 per person per course (members)
£28 per person per course (non members)

All council employees and councillors are welcome to access the e-learning.

How to book
Please complete this form to request enrollment on an e-learning course https://forms.office.com/r/RhP2ME6dkp


  • The email address of the delegate must be unique to the delegate; it cannot be shared or the clerk's email address.
  • Log in details MUST NOT be shared; anyone found abusing this rule will be removed from the e-learning platform permanently.

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