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Parish Mapping

All parish and town councils need access to good quality maps and aerial photography of their area. Whether it be for Neighbourhood Planning, looking at the potential impact of a planning application, or recording where the dog bins are, digital mapping is at the heart of efficient and effective council management.

Northants CALC is collaborating with our partners at Parish Online, suppliers of mapping tools to more than 850 parish and town councils across the UK for over 10 years, to put on an event to showcase the benefits and advantages of online mapping. The event is split into two sections:

The morning session is aimed at councils that have not used online mapping tools before to learn all about the features and benefits of mapping tools, with practical demonstrations using real-world examples. Attendees will see the Parish Online system in operation and learn how it could support their council's work.

The afternoon session is aimed at councils that have registered with Parish Online already and want to know how to get the most out of the system. Perhaps the council signed up a while ago but hasn't yet learnt how to maximise the system to best advantage. Perhaps whoever in the council that uses the system has "How do I…?" questions.

  • Quick recap of morning session
  • Advanced Tasks
  • Sharing Parish Online with colleagues
  • Styling
  • Configuring layers
  • Data extract
  • Public Map

To find out more about the features and benefits of Parish Online and to see pricing information for your council (based on population) please go to http://www.parish-online.co.uk.

Who Should Attend
Clerks and councillors are welcome to attend both sessions, which will be particularly valuable to those that have already identified the need to purchase an online mapping system, or to those that have recently purchased Parish Online but have not yet used it.

Date & Time
25 March 2021 13:00-14:30


Course Tutor

Cost (per person)
£30 (members)
£60 (non members)

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