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Northants CALC statement on recording of training and events

The move to online training and events has seen an increase in Northants CALC being asked to record and share the events.

We have given this a lot of thought and have made the decision that we will not be recording any training or live online event, for the following reasons;

1) We want delegates and guests to feel comfortable saying whatever they want, without worrying about being tripped up and it being officially recorded for posterity.

2) We are concerned that if we record live events and then publish the recording, people will not attend the live events because they can watch the recording.

3) Furthermore, people may plan to watch the recording "when they have a spare minute" and then never get round to it – we all know this a little too well! So, we lose the live audience and still don't get the message out.

We're always willing to consider other views, but for the time being we think it best that people attend the live events and then report back to their councils, using the official summary report as a basis.

Last updated: Thu, 01 Oct 2020 08:14