Empowering Parish and Town Councils in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire Larger Councils Partnership (NLCP)

n response to requests for services tailored to the needs of larger councils*, and in a drive to provide better value for money to member councils, the Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils (Northants CALC) has formed the Northamptonshire Larger Councils Partnership (NLCP) in 2008. The NLCP is a nominal group of the top 30 councils in Northamptonshire based on electorate.

The NLCP is:

• A community of practice in which to share ideas and better ways of doing things

• A relationship brokerage both between larger councils within the partnership and between larger councils and other stakeholders including local, regional and national government

• A catalyst for skills development, identifying needs and working towards continuous development of staff and elected members

• A beacon for local governance in Northamptonshire – setting an example for others to follow

• A vehicle for best value both in terms of member services provided to larger councils by NALC and in services provided by councils to their electorate


We would like to include more councils so membership of the partnership is open to any council that wishes to join and thinks that they will derive benefit from it. All we ask is that each council wishing to be included in the partnership will:

• Elect two representatives to the partnership; ideally one member of staff and one councillor

• Attend NLCP meetings (3 per year) or send a substitute (so that the partnership can be vibrant and fruitful)

• Actively engage in the partnership (e.g. offer venues for meetings, bring forth ideas etc)

Meetings of the NLCP will be quarterly and organised and facilitated by Northants CALC and chaired by the Chief Executive.

*The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) definition of a larger council is one with 6,000+ electorate and/or £250,000+ gross budgeted income.




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