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Family Dog Appointed as Clerk to the Council

Abi the dog.

A parish council in Northamptonshire may have inadvertently appointed a dog as its Parish Clerk.

The mix up occurred when Hecknoe Parish Council was recruiting a Clerk and only received one application. Little did they know that the application from "Abi Barks" was actually a spurious application from the Clerk to neighbouring Feltwell Parish Council.

Annette Curtain, Clerk to Feltwell Parish Council, said "I was curious to know the terms and conditions being offered at Hecknoe, so I put in an application in the name of our dog, Abi. Next thing I knew, she'd been offered the job!"

Cllr Bill Oney, the Chair of Hecknoe Parish Council explained "We only had one application, so we offered her the job without intervu'ing... Make no bones about it, Abi looked very good on paper!"

Danny Moody, Chief Executive of Northants CALC, which supports parish and town councils in Northamptonshire, said "Luckily the offer letter does not actually create a legally binding contract between Hecknoe Parish Council and Abi the dog, unless of course Abi accepts the offer, which seems unlikely given that the proposed remuneration is in pounds sterling, which won't be much use to her."

However, the Chair of the Burials Committee at Hecknoe Parish Council, Cllr Doug Graves, suggested that the appointment should go ahead: "We could do with someone barking orders at us. And someone who is always pawsative".

When Abi was asked to comment on how she felt she had been treated her simple reply was "Ruff!"

Posted: Fri, 01 Apr 2022 09:10 by Danny Moody

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