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Village of 500 People Receives Grant of £6.4 million

Village of 500 People Receives Grant of £6.4 million

West Northampton Parish Council was amazed to discover that its bank account had swollen to more than £6.4 million. The normal balance is less than £10,000.

The error occurred when government treasury officials transferred £6.4 million in Business Rates Retention Grant monies to the council believing it to be West Northamptonshire Council, which is the new unitary council for the area.

West Northampton, a tiny village of no more than 500 people between Upton and Duston in Northamptonshire, is now wondering whether to repay the money to the government, or find things to spend it on in the community.

The Chairman of West Northampton Parish Council, Councillor Percy Verance, said "The play equipment needs a good clean down, and they need water installing at the allotments, but that wouldn't touch the sides. Perhaps we should think big - a splendid new village hall perhaps!"

A treasury spokesman, Louise De Crus, said "We have a list of all local authorities in England in our database and the two councils are adjacent. A clerical assistant selected the wrong one, for which we apologise. We will of course need the money back from West Northampton Parish Council".

The Clerk to West Northampton Parish Council was contacted for comment but their telephone number appears to forward to a number registered in Jamaica.

Posted: Thu, 01 Apr 2021 09:02 by Danny Moody

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