Empowering Parish and Town Councils in Northamptonshire

Wildlife & Rural Crime Week of Action

Northants CALC is proud to be a partner working with Northamptonshire Police and will be posting news items from parishes around Northamptonshire who have taken action to reduce crime in their areas.


We are now approaching the end of our first year with a PCSO and we can report that we are very pleased with the work he is doing and his impact on crime and nuisance behaviour in the village. The statistic issued recently from Northants Police show a reduction in almost all areas of crime. Our PCSO has established great links with groups and schools in Bugbrooke. He is also creating a positive relationship with youths and is regularly talking to those he sees in the village so anyone hanging around is aware of his presence and situations do not arise or escalate. Having a PCSO has been a success for the village and we will continue to work with him next year.

Posted: Mon, 07 Oct 2019 08:56 by Lesley Sambrook Smith

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