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Free energy Awareness training to front line and community Energy Champions

As part of the British Gas Community Action Partnership in Northamptonshire, National Energy Action (NEA) has delivered training in Energy Awareness and will now continue to deliver training in Fuel Debt Advice. The take up for these courses has been extremely high and some of you may have been disappointed to find that the places offered under the Community Action Partnership had already been taken. However, NEA is also able to offer FREE places on a series of awareness raising sessions for both front line staff and community energy champions. These sessions are designed to help those who come into contact with vulnerable or low income householders as part of their job or activities as a volunteer to spot the signs that someone may be struggling to afford to keep their home warm enough at a cost they can afford. Importantly, these sessions will also explain the assistance available to support such householders and how to sign-post people to these sources of support.

If you would be interested in booking one of these free sessions for your staff or volunteers, please do get in touch.

For front line staff (i.e. people in jobs which bring them into contact with householders) please contact Jimmy Pugh on jimmy.pugh@nea.org.uk or 07961 072638.

For community energy champions (i.e. volunteers or members of the community) please contact Saleem Sheikh on saleem.sheikh@nea.org.uk or 07545 733953.

Jimmy Pugh will deliver 16 sessions on basic energy awareness training for front line staff from all sectors who have day to day contact with vulnerable householders. Similarly, Saleem Sheikh shall be delivering 10 sessions on basic energy awareness/referral courses for energy champions, together with mentor support to raise awareness of energy efficiency/fuel bill help. The delegates will then hopefully cascade this knowledge down to the 'hard to reach' communities to help them save energy and reduce their fuel bill as well as help them keep warm and healthy.

It is planned to hold separate sessions in each of the seven District and Borough Council across the County thus avoiding the need for delegates to travel too far out to attend these sessions. Each session will have a cohort of 10 delegates and we plan to deliver two sessions per day in either the same location or to a nearby location.

Posted: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 14:45 by Danny Moody

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