Empowering Parish and Town Councils in Northamptonshire

A New Era For Kettering Parish Councils?

Tonight Danny Moody, the Northants CALC CEO, will be attending the Kettering Rural Forum, which is a committee of Kettering Borough Council (KBC) that includes representation from all the rural parish councils in the borough.

One of the items on the agenda is to discuss the future of the forum based on a paper produced by Northants CALC. The paper recommends that the A6 Towns Forum and the Rural Forum are merged into a new Councillors Forum and that a new Officers Forum be established. The split between Councillor and Officer (or Strategic and Operational) makes far more sense than the split based on size or geography.

The Northants CALC recommendations also include a proposal to revisit and refresh the Statement of Principles document developed between KBC and the parish councils in the nineties. There is much good practice to learn and build upon, such as the Wyre Borough Council Parish & Town Council Charter (2008).

Ultimately it is up to KBC to decide the fate of the Rural Forum, but it is hoped that the recommendations from Northants CALC will at least stimulate an interesting debate.

Posted: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 13:22 by Danny Moody

Tags: Consultation