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Please support people with disabilities and their carers near you.

By Clare Ellisdon, Business Development Officer, Vitalise.

I'm almost sure you know of someone caring for a loved one and the physical and emotional pressure this places them under.

Providing quality respite care is expensive and Vitalise subsidises each week taken to help those most in need to be able to consider taking an essential break. Sometimes this may be the only way carers can find the strength to carry on with their caring duties.

We anticipate disabled residents from Northamptonshire will benefit from 22 Vitalise breaks with care this year costing us £7,612 in subsidies. Vitalise fundraises to reduce the cost of our breaks to ensure that as many people as possible can take the break they so desperately need.

Vitalise provides 5,000 weeks of essential respite breaks for people with disabilities and carers each year, but our own research indicates that we are only meeting 1% of the actual need. More and more people are taking on a caring role and are in dire need of a break from the unremitting routine and hardships of their daily lives.

Vitalise provides much more than simple respite care breaks. Our guests are able to take advantage of 24 hour nursing and care staff, social support volunteers, full board & accommodation in our fully equipped en-suite bedrooms, excursions & entertainment.

Please help us continue to provide the vitally important service that Vitalise offers. With your help we will be able to provide relief and respite from the daily difficulties faced by local people with disabilities and their carers. A donation of £346 which is the Vitalise subsidy for one respite care break would be of great help in enabling us to continue our vital work.

I hope you will download and display our poster (click below)on your community noticeboard so that those desperate for a respite care break can find out just how Vitalise can help them.

Posted: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 13:02 by Danny Moody

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