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CILCA 2020 Day 2

Thu, 02 Apr 2020 10:00

Course Description

This is the accredited certificate for the Local Council Sector, designed to test basic levels of competence for the role of parish clerk. The syllabus has been designed to cover all aspects of the clerk's role and candidates are required to compile a portfolio of evidence to show they fully understand their job. Having completed the training you can then compile the portfolio of evidence that you submit in order to gain the Certificate.

Who should attend?

Anyone can undertake the Certificate in Local Council Administration. Although it is has been designed for parish and town clerks, it can be undertaken by assistant clerks, aspiring clerks, Councillors or any other person interested in local council administration. All you need is access to a helpful parish council and access to information, and guidance from NCALC on how to compile your portfolio of evidence.

There are no entry requirements, but it would be helpful if you were working for a parish or town council (either as a clerk or an assistant clerk), as you will need access to documents for your portfolio. It is possible for 'prospective' clerks to apply for the certificate.

CiLCA is an accreditation attached to the candidate, not the council. Although this accreditation has been designed for clerks, there is nothing to stop elected members registering, undertaking the training and compiling a portfolio of evidence.

Course Tutor

Philippa Page

Northants CALC, Litchborough Business Park, Litchborough NN12 8JB
Marie Reilly

Community infrastructure Levy (CIL) and S106

Fri, 24 Apr 2020 10:00


Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy – a practical session for Parish/Town Councillors covering the existing Section 106 agreements regime and providing an introduction to the emerging replacement system of the Community Infrastructure Levy. The training will include a section of ensuring that the requests for financial and other contributions that Parish and Town Councils submit are as persuasive as they can be. The session will include the opportunity to ask questions of an experienced planning consultant who has worked for local Councils, a volume house builder and a planning consultancy

Who should attend?

Suitable for Clerks and Councillors

Bugbrooke Community Centre Camp Close, Bugbrooke, Northants, NN7 3RW
Marie Reilly

Cemetery Management and Compliance

Tue, 28 Apr 2020 09:00

This one-day course covers the lists below and deals with common problems, issues and mistakes and the costs that can be realised by burial authorities. The course will tell you how to avoid these costs and create potential new income streams.

Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977

  • General powers of management
  • Compliance
  • Registers and records
  • Granting and extending rights
  • New income streams
  • Consent
  • Avoiding disputes

Burials - Depth & Shallow graves
Administrative Processes - Getting it right, Certificates & Problems and solutions

Grave digging

  • Right grave / wrong grave !
  • Checking procedures
  • Preparations
  • Mourners backfilling
  • Mourners carrying coffins
  • Uncoffined burial


  • Unstable memorials? How to avoid this and reduce costs
  • Responsibilities
  • BS8415 / BRAMM Blue Book / NAMM Code
  • Inspections

Creating Burial Space

  • Extending the viability of cemeteries
  • Reclamation and reuse of graves – Using the law – Statutory and Church

Exhumation - Law and practice & Registration

Transferring Burial Rights overview/refresher

  • Lawful process – getting it right
  • Avoiding disputes and errors
  • Legal documents

Who Should Attend?

The course is tailored to the needs of Clerks, some of whom are part time employees, that rely on funeral directors and grave diggers not in the direct control of the authority.

Course Tutor

David McCarthy, Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management

Moulton Community Centre, The Reedings, Sandy Hill Lane, Moulton NN3 7UU
Marie Reilly