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Elections 2015

Please find below a resource library for the parish and town council elections in May 2015. Please feel free to use the materials that you think will help with your councillor recruitment campaign. If you have materials you wish to contribute please send them to

Top Tips For Recruiting Councillors

A list of good ideas, tips and suggestions for recruiting parish and town councillors, plus the opportunity to add your own!

Example Web Page

Most parish and town councils will wish to create a page on their web site that potential candidates can be directed to in order to find out the basic information. An example of such a page can be found at

Warmington Public Meeting Flyer

Warmington Parish Council held a "Meet the Village" shop window event and invited all residents to attend. Whilst they were there the clerk took the opportunity to talk about the elections and recruited several candidates as a result. This approach seems preferable to having an "Open Day for Candidates" type event, which is less attractive and potentially intimidating for people to attend.

Hardingstone/Hackleton Newsletter Piece

An article from the clerk was placed in the shared newsletter for Hardingstone and Hackleton. It is a short, punchy article that lays out some basic information and then includes a strong call to action "If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor and making decisions for your local community please do not hesitate to contact me for further information."

Recruitment Leaflet - Burton Latimer Town Council

An excellent, well laid-out recruiting leaflet for Burton Latimer Town Council.

Recruitment Article - Ashton Parish Council

An article in the Ashton Village News calling people to a recruitment evening. The good idea about this particular initiative is that the briefing events are being held in the pub!

Publicity Leaflets - Kent, Surrey & Sussex Associations

Our friends at the Kent Association of Local Councils and the Surrey & Sussex Association of Local Councils have produced two excellent leaflets for the elections. One describes what parish and town councils do and the other outlines the role of a councillor.

Text for your Web Site

In 2011 Northants CALC ran a campaign called Stand & Deliver based around a web site. The web site doesn't exist any longer but the text from it has been saved in a Word Document and can be used as a basis for parish and town council web site pages about the 2015 elections.

It Takes All Sorts

This publication was commissioned by NALC and the Commission for Rural Communities. It is out of print now (and a bit out of date) but it does include some useful stories and it features two councillors from Northamptonshire!

Thirteen Excuses!

Put together by our friends at the Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils, here is a somewhat irreverent list of excuses that one might hear from members of the public as to why they don't want to be a councillor. Each one has a reposte!