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COVID 19 - Getting your employees back to the workplace

Course outline:

  • The current situation at the time of the session (including an update regarding the continuation, or otherwise, of virtual meetings) and the government rules regarding requiring staff to attend a place of work.
  • The key stages of the government's road map, including dates, and the criteria which need to be met to move to the next stage.
  • Making the office covid secure – what steps need to be taken before staff can be instructed back in to the work place (and if they have already returned).
  • Making meetings "covid secure" – what employee considerations and safety steps are needed?
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable staff – what is the situation with staff who fall in this category requiring them to return to the workplace.
  • Vaccinations – can we ask staff if they have had them and is it better to wait until an employee is vaccinated before asking them back to the workplace?
  • Refusal to return – how to manage staff who are reluctant or are refusing to return.
  • Mixed working – the considerations to address with staff requesting a blend of home and office working, can the employer refuse or do they have to consider if the person is in effect making a flexible working request?
  • Tax allowances – should employers give an allowance for home working, what tax allowances can be applied?
  • Workstation assessments – are these needed if an employee is going to continue working from home?

Who should attend
This session is intended for clerks with supervision responsibilities and councillors representing the council as the employer

Date and Time
27 April 2021 10:00-11:30


Course Tutor
Chris Moses, Personnel Advice & Solutions

Cost per delegate
£30 members
£60 non members

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