Empowering Parish and Town Councils in Northamptonshire

Course Outline

Most towns and villages have areas of open green space, ranging from village greens and commons to that odd parcel of land that the parish council mows but no one really knows who owns it! Working with the Open Spaces Society (OSS), Northants CALC has designed a course that will help clerks and councillors understand what commons and village greens are, and why they are increasingly important in the modern world. The course will cover registration of open green space, access rights and byelaws and how to claim title to ownerless land. The course will look at good practice in the management of open green space and the legal responsibilities placed on councils in the protection of commons and greens. This course is for you if there is a common or village green in your town or village, or if there is any land that your council looks after where ownership is not absolutely clear. Perhaps you want to know how to make the most of the land your council looks after, or perhaps you have issues with access over or unauthorised parking on the land. This course will provide technical advice and guidance, grounded in real-world case studies and examples and is delovered by the Open Spaces Society

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for both Clerks and Councillors

Date & Time

Wednesday 17 July 2019 10.00am to 3.45pm


Moulton Community Centre, Sandy Hill, Reedings, Moulton

Course Tutor

Nicola Hodgson/Hugh Craddock, Open Spaces Society


£ 75 - Members

£150 - Non Members

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