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Northamptonshire County
Association of Local Councils

Empowering Parish and Town Councils

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CEO: Danny Moody
6 Litchborough Business Park
Northampton Road
Litchborough, Northampton
NN12 8JB

Tel: 01327 831482

Job Vacancies

Duston Parish Council

Duston is a large, suburban parish in the borough of Northampton. It has 13,000 electors and a 12-seat council. The council set a precept of £451,719 for 2017/18 and there is also operating income from several council-owned facilities. The council now has a vacancy for a Facilities Manager. Full details are below.

Easton on the Hill Parish Council

Easton on the Hill is the most northerly parish in Northamptonshire, and the village is just 2½ miles south west of Stamford in Lincolnshire. Easton on the Hill Parish Council has 11 seats and 862 electors. The council set a precept of £24,059 for 2017/18. The council has a vacancy for a Clerk/RFO working 10 hours per week. The closing date for applications is Friday 18 August 2017. Full details below.

Warkton Parish Council and Weekley Parish Council

Warkton and Weekley are two very small villages just to the north east of Kettering. Warkton Parish Council has just 116 electors, whilst its "larger" neighbour has 147! Both councils have 5 councillors. Warkton's precept is £1,000 and Weekley's is £1,500. Both councils are in need of a Clerk/RFO as they have employed the same Clerk previously. The jobs are separate but the councils would like to continue to employ one person. Neither parish council is in membership of Northants CALC, and it should be noted that the hours offered by both councils are below the minimum recommendations. However, if one person was to take on both councils it could just about be made to work. The deadline for applications for both councils is Monday 31 July 2017, so you'll need to get your skates on. Full details are below.